• Julie Cera

just made my day...

Meet little baby M, he is only 8 days and weighing 6 pounds of absolute cuteness. He came in for a mini newborn session with his lovely parents who where just so relaxed and easy going, this little guy was the same. In fact, I never saw his eyes open! He slept the entire hour of moving him, wrapping him, changing him and even placing him in this froggy pose safely with Dad, not a flinch!

At Ladybug Photography in 2016 I had 80 newborn sessions (not including older baby sessions) and I was able to successfully get a froggy pose a handful of times as it is a tricky pose and you need a VERY sleepy relaxed baby. This is why baby M is worth mentioning and praising as he just made my day...

8 day old baby boy in a froggy pose

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