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2022 Safety Protocols at JCP


Health and Safety is my top priority, as a result, I have implemented the following a STRICT illness policy to help protect us all:

  • If you or your child have traveled by air (domestic or international), please postpone your session for 14 days from your return to ensure that you are healthy. This also applies if you live with someone who has traveled.

  • If you or your child have been exposed to anyone who has had to self-quarantine, please refrain from coming to see me for 14 days.

Symptomatic individuals who are ineligible for PCR/rapid molecular testing are advised to self-isolate as soon as possible after symptom onset. **If symptoms include any symptom from the list below, the individual is presumed to have COVID-19 infection and is advised to self-isolate and stay home.

The symptoms include:

· -Fever and/or chills; OR

· -Cough; OR

· -Shortness of breath; OR

· -Decrease or loss of taste or smell.

Two or more of the following symptoms:

· -runny nose/nasal congestion

· -headache

· -extreme fatigue

· -sore throat

· -muscle aches/joint pain

· -gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e., vomiting or diarrhea)

All household members of the symptomatic individual, regardless of vaccination status, should stay at home while the symptomatic individual is isolating (for at least 5 days from symptom onset AND until they are afebrile, and their symptoms have been improving for 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal symptoms)) due to the high rate of transmission within households. If they develop symptoms, they should follow isolation directions for symptomatic individuals and if eligible for testing, seek testing.

Those who come to my studio/home exhibiting ANY of the above signs or symptoms will be kindly asked to reschedule the session immediately. The same policy also applies to me – if I or anyone in my household is sick, sessions will be immediately rescheduled.



Universal Precautions are measures photographers can take to prevent the spread of disease. These precautions are an approach to infection control that centers on treating all human blood and certainly, bodily fluids as if they were infectious. (all the time!)

  • I will always be wearing a face mask and all members of the session need to do the same as advised by the Government of Ontario. During your photos you may remove your mask and put it back on when not taking photos

· I have sessions spaced out enough to have time to disinfect and clean the studio and the entrance of my home.

  • Each time hands are exposed to human waste they are sanitized or preferably washed to remove bacteria, germs, and/or viruses that may transfer to your newborn’s hands and inevitably their mouth.

  • Using sanitizing hand gel throughout the session.

  • I clean, sanitize, and disinfect contaminated surfaces such as my diaper changing station and all props after EVERY session.

  • I seal soiled absorbent tissues, towels, diaper bags, blankets, wraps etc. in plastic bags and dispose of tissues, towels etc. in a covered waste container that is not accessible to children and sealed soiled clothing, wraps, blankets etc. are washed separately.

  • Cuts and scratches are covered with a bandage until they are completely healed.

I appreciate your understanding as this is to protect all our families and our little ones! I see a lot of young children and even have children of my own. Babies have a more compromised immune system, and their safety is my top priority.

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