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Why you should not send your photographer "inspiration" photos (done by other photographers)

Hello lovelies!

It has been a hot minute in terms of blogs, let's just say I am not much of a blogger!

However, often I feel the need to try and explain things further in a blog if anyone is interested to hear me out.

I have been doing newborn photography since 2015, since then I can tell you I have received hundreds upon hundreds of "inspiration" images from clients for me to basically 'copy' in their sessions, what you are asking of us is quite simply plagiarism.

You may think you are helping by sending these images but really, that is quite the opposite of the truth. You are hiring us for our OWN creativity and style, right? if you wanted the images you found off Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook etc. why not try and book with that photographer instead?

Did you also know that not every photographer has the exact same props as the other? so, when we are sent an image with a baby in a particular props that we do not own, or a cake smash set with a ton of props and backdrops we do not own, how exactly can we work with that?

Again, going back to my point which I try and make very clear with all clients when booking that if there is a particular style, theme etc., they are after to please book with a photographer that can provide exactly what you are looking for as we simply do not change our style, editing etc. one day to the next.

Please don't get me wrong - I love to get these "inspiration" images when they are MY images - MY work, this allows me to understand what you like and what you are looking for in your session, and often I just take that image and create it into something else more unique to my client, something special rather than 'coping' the same exact set up. I will however do just that if my clients asks for that of course :)

If we are sent a 'shot list' of images that are not our own work, we feel as though we are backed into a corner creatively and it can take away from producing images that we are proud of and would be doing a disservice to our art.

Hope this gives some insight for that next time you are thinking to send some "inspirational photos" to your photographer....just please don't unless it is theirs.

Thanks for reading!



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